Thursday, February 12, 2015

Tutorial Guide to Using KerWar's Fancies

This is a tutorial guide to using KerWar's Fancies which is downloable at ShareCG

This is one of my must have items! It is a great set, but takes some getting used to, so I decided to make a visual guide so you can get an idea what is going on.

Here is the image we are going to be changing

Specular Colors

The first thing we are going to change is the specular colors.
In your content library locate KerWar Fancies01 > Step 1 - Specular Colors > Blues

Now that you have the right area open, switch to using the surface tool (it looks like 3 angled rectangles and a pointer), click on the surface you want to select. At this time it is also helpful to select the "Surfaces" tab so that you can see what is going on with the colors and patterns.

The "blouse fabric" is currently selected. 
To use the shader double click on it, you can see it worked because in the surfaces tab it shows the new color in the diffuse and specular colors and in the image itself.

You can tell what surface you have selected cause it has a yellow outline! 

Quick Render to show you what it looks like now...

Adding a Pattern

Adding a pattern in is easy!
Once again select the "blouse fabric" using the surface tool.
Then go to the patterns in KerWar Fancies list, in this case I chose
Pattern A, Fancy A Spec-03.dsa, and double clicked on it.

See picture...

But hey! What is going on here?! There is no pattern showing up!
Looking in the image you can see the "Specular Bump" now has a pattern on it. Because it is the "Sepcular Bump" it doesn't show up the pre-render.

To check out what it will look like when rendered use the "spot render" tool, it look like a camera with a pointer. 


So the spot render did not show up anything new! Don't panic!
We need to adjust the tiling on the pattern, in this case we are going to use the 15x one. Double click on the 15 in the adjustment utilities, which will tile the pattern across the shirt.

See image

It shows the spot render of the 15x tiled pattern on the fabric

Example of what you can do with KerWar's Fancies

Other tips

Q: I managed to screw it up and it looks horrible!
A: Don't panic! In the adjustment utilities there is a remove bump, displacement and specular option. Try those! If that doesn't work try the mats from the original item, at worse remove the clothing piece and add it back into the scene.  

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