Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Texture Atlas Set Up Tutorial

Texture Atlas is one of those cool things included in Daz Studio 4.6 Pro but most people don't use because it is not already set up!Looking on the Daz Studio Website is not exactly a help, as last time I checked the information page was pretty much empty! An in depth search of the forums does help some, but it did not fully answer my questions in an easy manner.
So here is my guide to the Texture Atlas!

Texture Atlas for Daz Studio Tutorial!

If you are like me you were excited that Texture Atlas was included in Daz Studio, however, it is not pre-setup for use!

Step 1 
So the first step is to enable it. For the purpose of this tutorial I use the "Hollywood Blvd" layout, which can be selected under "Window" then "Workspace" then "Select Layout".

To enable Texture Atlas you need to go to: Window > Workspace > Customize (or use F3)
Then select "Actors Wardrobe &&" from the right column, toggle the arrow down to see the drop list, then select "Toolbars", at the bottom there should be "Tools" and default setting is to OFF, you want to click it with a right click, which should bring up a little dialogue that says "Enable Tool Bar" which you click and should turn it ON. Then click "Apply" at the bottom of the window, that way the setting change goes into effect. See graphic below.
When you hit apply your screen probably seemed to freeze a moment then refreshed, don't panic! There should be change to your tool bar, see graphic.
Yours will probably not have the grey globe that is texture atlas... yet!
Texture Atlas Icon

Step 2 

How do I get that little globe to show up?
Click on the "Tool Bars" button at the top of the box on the right side, that will bring up a new menu.
At the bottom of the menu should be "Tools" Click the > to expand it.
Then on the left size on the "Actions" box area, there should be "Texture Atlas" listed (tip: its listed alphabetically, so its pretty far down the list) then click the > to expand it, it should have a grey globe and "Texture Atlas" as an option.
Drag and Drop the globe icon over into the "Tools" menu in the right column.
Then hit apply, after the refresh you should see the grey globe on the menu bar...
Now you can click on the texture atlas icon to open it up.

Step 3 
But I don't like all those extra icons at the top of the screen you say?
Go back to Step 1, and remember when you "enabled" the tool bar? Go back there and "disable".

Step 4
But wait! How do I access texture atlas then?
It is still there, you just need to go to the "Tools" menu at the top, and your Texture Atlas icon should be listed.

This tutorial was brought to you by Amy Pettijohn and Bouncing Dog Graphics! 

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