Monday, September 9, 2013

Texture Atlas Basics Tutorial

Texture Atlas is an awesome resource and this tutorial is about the basics of using it.
Do not have Texture Atlas enabled? Check out my tutorial on how to Set Up.

For the basis of this tutorial I have loaded up a green alien (which can be found at ShareCG)

Step 1
Texture Atlas

Load your figure, in this case I have used my green alien.
Then open up texture atlas by clicking on the grey globe icon.

Your screen should show a dialogue box similar to this one:

Step 2

Click on the "Auto Arrange" button, which should allow the "Preview" and "Accept" buttons on the lower right hand side to be selected.

Click on "Preview"

This will bring up a new dialogue box.

(tip: if you do not see anything when you clicked preview, don't panic! You probably do not have the figure selected in the scene, close out and select the figure and then go back to step 1.)

UV Set Name: what the UV (texture map) will be saved as.

Target Image Folder: where the map will be saved to! (tip: make sure you pay attention to this and change it if needed so you can find it later!)

Created Images: this are different options, which will allow you to do different things. The most common are bump and diffuse.

Texture(s) Settings: this allows you to set the size of the image, the larger the image the more details you can add, but you should not need to to be too huge for more uses 512 x 512 to 1000 x 1000 should be fine.

For this I have changed the UV Set Name to "Green Alien"

Step 3

Navigate to the folder that you saved your new UV Set to (remember that tip about paying attention to where you saved it?)

It should contain two images (if you used the Toony Alien, some will contain more, but in this case the alien only has a diffuse and bump.

Step 4
That is nice what do I do with these images now?
Excellent question!
With this images you can change colors, and make a variety of changes to a character!
How do I do that?
That is for another tutorial!

Congrats you now know the basics of Texture Atlas!

This tutorial was brought to you by Amy Pettijohn and Bouncing Dog Graphics.

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