Clothing Materials

Clothing Materials and Shaders

Texture Challenge 31 (not currently available 10/19)
For Sanbies TC31

White V Neck Dress for MFD (hosted at ShareCG)
one custom mat for the Morphing Fantasy Dress

Stars Jeans
Custom materials for Wilamps Genesis Jeans
Available for ShareCG

Stars Riding Pants
Custom materials for Wilamps Riding Outfit
available at ShareCG

Textures for Suranian Priestess
available at ShareCG

For Suranian Priestess at Daz3D

Textures for V4 Dementia 
available at ShareCG

For the V4 Dementia Outfit at Daz3D

Textures for G2F Abigail Dress 
available at ShareCG

Abigail Dress by Jan19

Materials for the 1960's Outfit by Wilmap
1960's Outfit Mini Dress and Collarless Suit Part 1 and Part 2

Texture Package for G2F Long Greek Style Dress 

Long Greek Style Dress by Wilmap

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