Saturday, November 9, 2013

Updated MFD Template

The MFD template that I got off Choholes website  is alittle off on the Genesis character, so I adjusted it a bit and now I have an updated version of it. All credit of the template goes to the original creator, all I did was tweak it!
Okay after research turns out Snow Sultan was awesome and made the original template and it is still available through Snow Sultans website! 

If you go down to near the bottom is the "clothing" section and you can find the MFD seam guide there, it works fine for Genesis and V4. There is a very slight gap along the shoulder seam, but is really really small and it should not be an issue when designing new clothing!

As I discovered when I used it, make sure you save it as a RGB .jpg before you start futzing around with it! The default color scheme is a .gif and is apparently indexed color, which does weird stuff and is not easy to work with!


  1. You should check your thread at Daz about this, it's good news and Cho made suggestions. I also noticed at the bottom of the map the shoulder overlaps the skirt, this will cause an issue with texturing.

  2. Is this the actual template to use for Genesis? When I open the picture above it's quite small. Can one work with this or is their another bigger template? I search through the thread at Daz freepozitory but can't find one their. I actually haven't worked with templates before and needs help. Launok

  3. I did check it and I will add a link into the better template for this! Snow Sultan made one that works perfectly!