Monday, November 17, 2014

A Favorite Freebie P3D Megan

"You need a ton of money to make those awesome Daz Studio and Poser renders!"

"Well this is not true! It is entirely possible to make awesome renders on a budget!" I answer.

"Hah!" a friend replies, "I have tried to! Have you seen how awful some of the free stuff is?"

I sigh, "Sadly yes, I even have made some of it. But! That does not mean there is not awesome free stuff out there!"

"Yeah where?"

So now that is how I decided to make some new posts called my Favorite Freebie! Where I tell you about an awesome freebie that I love and why!

So today's favorite freebie? Megan! P3D Megan to be exact! This is a lovely morph and texture set made by the awesome P3Design

It has a lovely texture to, not a ton of options, but enough to give a variety of looks! It gets this weeks Favorite Freebie title!

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